Patient Representation 2015 to 2016
The Abingdon Medical Practice Patient Forum and Patient Representative Group (PRG)
The Abingdon Medical practice has had a Patient Forum for many years. The Patient Forum meets 4 times a year and is there to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services. Practices are encouraged to have a Patient Forum that represents its patient profile which we have found difficult to achieve in our Patient Forum. To try and extend our patient access, the Patient Representative group (PRG) has been set up.

Patients who join the PRG will be contacted by email, giving them the chance to express their views without having to attend meetings. We now have 13 Patient Forum members and 85 PRG members but we are still recruiting.

If you are interested in joining our Patient forum, ask at reception, our PRG can be joined on-line, or you can have your views heard via our Patient discussion forum on this web site.

Patient Surveys 2015 to 2016 Get the 2014 to 2015 survey results
The Abingdon Practice Survey 2015 to 2016 is conducted using your feedback. You can add feedback when you go onto SystmOnline or via the home page of our web site. Thank you to those who take the time to leave comments. This year feedback was also collected from the Friends and Family Test, these are collated each month and published in Reception and on the web site.

The results of our 2014 to 2015 Practice Survey View Results are available together with all the feedback comments. These comments included all the Friends and family test, NHS Choices and comments made by house bound patients to our Primary Care Navigator) View Comments. Using these an action plan for 2015 to 2016 has been developed which was discussed at a Practice meeting and emailed to the PRG. This will be discussed further over the next year. If you want to comment further on the 2014/15 survey and the action plan, please go to our discussion forum Go to Discussion Forum or email us at If you join our Patient Representative Group you will get email notifications so that you can help develop and discuss future surveys. Join PRG. A final report with the previous years action plans, the staff comments and the Patient Forum and PRG comments is now available on our web site View Report and will be commented on in our Spring 2015 newsletter.
  Practice profile
PRG 2015 profile (No=98)
Survey Group 2013 to 2014
PRG 2015 to 2016
Female 59.8% 54% 56% 57.3%
Male 40.2% 46% 44% 45.5%
Age 16 to 44 57.03% 63% 31.6% 24.9%
Age >44 42.97% 38% 68.4% 75.1%
Long term illness 12.0% 17% 34% 35.0%
White, white British, white other 81% 80% 82.7% 79%
Black, Black British 4% 4% 2% 3%
Asian 10% 8% 7.7% 6%
Oriental 3% 4% 1.5% 5%
Other 2% 4% 5.1% 7%